Turn your Revit Models into Walk-Through Holograms

Impress your customers, business partners and authorities today. REX for iPhone, Android and HoloLens is faster, more convenient and less expensive than conventional renderings.

Set your Revit Models Free! 

“One hologram is worth a thousand plans”

Ready to Use

REX is instantly available. In just a few seconds Revit models are converted into amazing holograms for presentation.

Phone, Tablet, AR Glasses

REX is compatible with Apple and Android smartphones as well as the Microsoft HoloLens.

 Autodesk Revit 

REX was developed with BIM in mind. New features like format conversion and model simplification are added continuously.

No Additional Modelling

With REX your 3D models are placed in the real world. There is no need for modelling the surrounding environment.

Perfect Renderings

REX delivers stunning presentations and  picture-perfect renderings from any angle.

Save Time and Money

Seeing and understanding 3D plans with REX helps customers make confident and fast decisions and reduces the risk of complaints or even disputes.

From Revit Model to On-Site Hologram in Seconds

1. Upload Revit Model

Export your Revit model and upload it to REX. Share the model with users all over the world and display it right away.

2. Select Model

Open the REX App and choose a model or simply scan any REX code.

3. Display and Walk Through

Explore the scaled or full-size 3D model anywhere, even at the future construction site. Experience it alone or share it with others.

Autodesk-Exclusive REX Packages

REX  Business

80 per month

  • 20% Discount off regular price
  • 1 GB storage space 
  • Unlimited iPhone apps
  • Unlimited Android apps
  • Unlimited software updates

Microsoft HoloLens 

5990 one-time

  • 1 Microsoft HoloLens Enterprise
  • 1 Outdoor Kit for outdoor use
  • REX Holo App preinstalled
  • Support and training
  • Separate REX license required